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Modern Sufi Poetry by Hamid Shibata Bennett
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Truth? Here?


Take a few steps through the page
into self

and stick out your tongue

a snowflake is falling

wanting to be caught!~Waiting for inspiration?

You've always been in heaven, my friend.
You are both choir and song.

Become all that you seek.

I'll give you a brief tour and point out
a few places of interest.
Then, you're off for your own explorations.
Trust me, you'll have a blast, dare I say it...
the time of your life!

And, one day, after many years
of wild stumbles,
you might happen upon
a kooky little cafe
inside your heart
where god is waiting,
having just ordered
waffles for two.

Allah smiles everywhere you search.

This gasp of breath you hold so dear
is only a beginning

The bird paces in his cage
wanting out

only to sit atop my knee


All is love,
she whispers,

write this down...

All is love

And, again, she coos...

All is love.

Now that you know the words,

a playful smile on her lips,

Sing it all day!

Hamid, just who is strumming you tonight?


There is a poet in you,
dear friend,
and in every being,
patiently smiling..

waiting for all the chatter of questions
to settle down.

Dance, stomp and play!

until you're worn weary,
hearing only the life-beat thudding
in your ears.

Then, you'll be so very, very close.


just listen...

and she will


~A creek meets a river and asks,
"Where are you going?"

The river grins wide

as waters converge and mingle.

We are going



Dawns yawns and an angel sits
somewhere nearby,
watching over this naked loon
scribbling beneath the fan in the window.

She whispers something about silence
and breathtaking wonders
that I cannot quite comprehend.

The lad keeps writing.

Every muscle tears exhaustion.

The third eye crackles wide.

The beloved whispers here

in a broken palace built for one.

A sufi sits in the empty room
at the end of a forgotten hall

smiling with glee

without a single thought

waddling across the noggin.


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See yourself in others.
Then, what harm can you do?


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