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Hamid Shibata Bennett, LMT, CAMT
Massage therapist in Portland, Oregon

Hamid Shibata Bennett, LMT, CAMT is a licensed massage therapist in Portland, Oregon. He graduated from East-West College of the Healing Arts in 2001 and has been in private practice since October of 2002. Hamid maintains a professional membership in and insurance through the ABMP (Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals). He is licensed to do massage in the state of Oregon.

Hamid is also on staff at East West College of the Healing Arts, runs the meditation group at the school and is currently working on bringing a continuing education class of his low-table techniques to national certification.

Hamid's father was a flyboy and his mother was descended from Samurai. He is also a mureed of the Sufi path, a dabbler in Buddhism and trots along the Tao. In traditional astrology, he's a triple cancer. In Chinese astrology, he's an Ox. Someone once told him that in numberology, he's a 22 or 23. He is a student of the body-mind connection, photographer, cinematographer, musician (sitar, guitar and hand-drums), songwriter, recording artist, poet, rare cancer survivor, runner and Mac geek. His creative self-expression, natural intuition and devotion to the spiritual path shines through his bodywork, creating a sacred, yet playful space for the nurturing of transformation. Clients have described his being as "grounding," "peaceful," "connected," and "amazingly deliberate."

In 1991, after a six month diagnosis, Hamid was diagnosed with a rare lymphoma. He was the ninth documented case and the first one to survive beyond twenty six months.

The side effects of chemotherapy last years, allowing him to only walk a few blocks for most of his adult life. After starting massage school at EWC in 1999, he began walking through the pain and receiving regular bodywork. He was able to increase walking distance to a few miles.

In 2009, after 7 years in an unhealthy marriage and finding himself in poor health... overweight, high-blood pressure, unhappy.... he started moving his body even more. He ran one lap around the neighborhood park and was exhausted. The next day, he doubled his distance.

Three months after that first run, Hamid completed the Portland Marathon in 5 hours, 37 minutes and 20 seconds. He bought his first pair of running shoes 2 months before his "little jog," and had only run 11 miles before running the 26.2 mile marathon.

Hamid now only wears minimalist footwear and still runs for fun.


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Hamid Shibata Bennett, LMT, CAMT
Licensed massage therapist
in Portland, Oregon

Earth Body Wellness Center East
3810 SE Belmont ST
Portland, Oregon 97214

ABMP ~ OBMT #301

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Your focus determines
your reality.

-Qui-Gonn Jinn,
Star Wars-, episode I


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