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Modern Sufi Poetry by Hamid Shibata Bennett
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The sufi dance in stillness
where the mind fears to tremble
a single beat

Surrender to moonlit solitude
amongst a billion eyes
watching overhead

The bass strolls behind Monk tonight

I awake to the dream once again

A familiar warmth glows

The illusion is mine to cherish
before self drops
in desert fold

I am memory
fondly muddled

the poem floats on

there is no scrambling

no clawing

no struggle

I dance with Hafiz

Rumi plays sax


Only man
divides heaven
and earth.

Only I keep self

from you.


Every breath
holds an opportunity

to forgive.


Osho and Jesus
playing shuffleboard at Frankie's
Buddha's ordering another round

This caravan parties until closing
and stumbles life-drunk
out the door

to bum a ride



When one walks the path
of love

Mountains become pebbles
Oceans become puddles

The sky

the entire sky

is cradled in
your palm

All is effortless bliss

and wonder.


Buddha sleeps in you
this night

You are god



Don't look for secrets here.

You have always been that
which you've



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The place where one
is most certain
to find god
is in the loving heart
of a kind man.

-Hazrat Inayat Khan

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