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Poetry by Hamid Shibata Bennett
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What is this world that I thought was here?

Its gone from my eyes
reaching for rainbows
am I drowning in madness?

Only love drunk for the beloved

Silence thunders

Crashing cavitation

The vessel sinks
returning home

Brahman, are you listening?

Illusion cannot reach you
only flashing before
gleaming eyes
fireflies in night skies

I wander into the forest and lose myself
and keep walking

Soft hair caress
brushes and tickles
the nose

Feel the world whirling
close eyes and let go
waving at the full moon
as it careens out of

Rolling down the sidewalk
where I once skinned a knee

and cried.


Comparrison is a broken tool
laying at the foot of the tattered dervish

I see myself in you

wishing only to be free.


I saw sunset in a dream
and the sun watching me
and all around there I sat
smiling and alive.

Pick up any pebble and see yourself.

Don't be overly surprised
if it flutters out of your fingers
and gives ya

a wink.


Standing at waves crest, contemplating
the oncoming topple

Returning to mysteries...

For but a moment
I am here

Then, no more

The current pulls and a fish swims
through my chest

I mistook this ripple for a body

She smiles somewhere near

Every returning drop is welcomed



Today, maybe you'll try
a funny little experiment

nowhere to go

nothing to accomplish

yesterday floats in memory

In this moment dwells a divine
ecstatic joy wanting to be found.

But, don't take this little duck's
quack as Tao

simply breathe and find, sweet friend

breathe and find...


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Intuition rises
from the depths
of the human heart.
- Hazrat Inayat Khan

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