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Modern Sufi Poetry by Hamid Shibata Bennett
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Hamid Shibata Bennett, LMT, CAMT
Advanced massage & bodywork

Earth Body Wellness Center East
3810 SE Belmont ST
Portland, Oregon 97214

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There is no one in this world
who is not looking for god.


Thousands of lifetimes of teachings have misrepresented enlightenment.

Tis not a sudden moment...

a breakthrough to all the hidden secrets

It is life itself...

...a continual awakening.

Stubbing your toe and a first kiss.

That first, sweet, sweet blackberry falling off the vine into your palm
before you even touched it.

Enlightenment cannot be grasped with words.

Once written the moment is


Forever lost.

So, why bother with these scribbles?

These silly babbles show ones discovery of self,
erupting from silence,
left for you,
my dear friend...

I sing for you

to caress your heart

to tickle your soul.

You may even find a bit of yourself here
if you dare to peek.

There is a chuckle giggling somewhere close in your belly.
A bodhisattva smiling in your reflection.

Live this nirvana...

Become the samahdi you seek.

Then, drop the search

and live only these wonders.

This is a time for madness!

Cripple the sun with your own exquisite light!

Hold the moon in your pocket with a few marbles
and a bit of string.

Collect the entire sky with every inhalation.

Create the heavens with every breath and sneeze!

Who is this voice, you ask?

I am the sufi in you

coming out to play!


Silence cannot be described

this perfection is shattered with a single word.

Live this wonder and nothing need be said.

Samahdi isnt far, in fact, tis closer than you dream.

Take two steps outside yourself
then nestle back inside.

Spring yawns and the cold frost is gone

A bear scratches his fuzzy butt on a log

and trots off to find some



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