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Portland Oregon Massage Therapist, photo by Hamid

This is Hamid's archived website. As of June, 2013 will no longer be updated. Please check out Hamid's new massage bodywork website!


Massage client feedback and testimonials

Hamid Shibata Bennett, LMT - Licensed massage therapist in Portland, Oregon

Hamid, it was wonderful to have met ya this afternoon. i wanted to let you know that i consciously chose you.  as i've been unpacking and making portland my home and handling the intensities of starting a new job, learning more and more about oncology and medicine, and building the world i want for myself, i knew it was time for another massage.  i'd been achy all over. i easily coulda picked some massage shop on 23rd or one closer to me... but that's not how i roll ;-)  

i figure if you are going to make yourself vulnerable and explain to someone what you need... then take off your clothes and hop on a table, ya may as well pick someone who seems like they are capable of providing what ya need.  i did my research on licensed therapists in portland.  i searched the listings, the websites for various practices etc. when i came across yours, i felt at home. some folks just go through the motions and do the physical things they were trained to do.  thats not the kind of experience i sought.  its much better to have someone meet you where you are have them give ya what ya need.

i am not all that good at openly expressing myself verbally, but in response to your question - yes, the massage was good.  the best i've ever had.  i believe what sets you apart IS your intention.  it comes through.

thank you, again. -T.W.


You are exceptional at your bodywork skills and as a human being. I respect you and your work very much. Happy Birthday soon too.  May you be happy and at peace. Blessings, D.S., chiropractor


Hari O'm Hamid,I have been researching massage websites this evening and I have just stumbled across your site. I just wanted to take a moment to compliment you on a beautiful & compreshensive website. If I were not all the way across the continent from you, I'd book a massage for sure. In Spirit, ~Liliana~r


As being a therapist and healer, your site has givin me an inspiration. I looked at your site through a friend, and I must say thank you. It's an honor. Todd Q., LMT


Hey Hamid, I just have to tell you how entirely awesome that massage was last Monday. It helped me so greatly, thank you again and again!! -D.C.


Thank you Hamid. You have made an incredible difference. I feel so much better! Even my chronic nervous energy has ceased - friends noticed. I'm actually out of pain and I haven't felt that in years! Thank you so very much - you have made a huge difference! :-) Blessings, L.T.


Hi Hamid, I just wanted to let you know that the three sessions you did on me have helped alot. I dont have to sleep with my ice pack anymore! -D.M.


I did get a couple of massages when I was away on a retreat last week and it made me miss you! -S.P.


You remain one of the best LMTs that I have tried. -Karen Edwards, certified Rolfer


Hello Mr Shibata. I like your uniqueness as a therapist and you will remain to me an inspiration in the run of my own practice in the field of massage therapy. Congratulations. Sincerely yours, C.G. (Chicoutimi - Saguenay - Quebec)


Hey there, Hope you had a nice weekend. I am glad that you are so busy. You certainly deserve it. I think you are the best massage therapist I've ever been to. -T.O.


Every time I get your letters I realize how much I miss your expertise and all around great energy... I am working with some amazing healers and an shaman at the moment but must admit that your body work has definitely been been the best I have encountered. I look forward to getting up to P-Town and back on your table later this year. Talk to you soon...D.M.


Hello Hamid, What I want to say to you is simply: thank you!!!, so very much for your help with my hip the other day. It is truly amazing how much healing took place, I am so very grateful. I have felt so much better these past few days, I am stunned and amazed... Peace, Love & Joy to you, C.C.


You are a healer! -D.S.


Thank you so much for the wonderful massage the other day. Again I experienced the gift of being able to completely let my mind and body go. What amazing healing power to receive. Thank you again. -A.S.


I have received some interesting massages and therapies lately, and they make me appreciate you, and the heart-centered way you work, even more. Peace, L.K.


I wanted to let you know how beneficial the last massage you gave me was. Within two days almost all the pain in my knee had disappeared. It's about 99% better now and improving with almost every moment. Thanks so much for your healing touch. love, B.B.


I had the pleasure of meeting with you twice, a number of months ago... I have since moved from Portland, after meaning so many times to come again, to a drum circle, to enjoy a massage, or just to say hello... at some point, my friend and I discovered that we had both met you, and we couldn't help but share an extended moment of appreciation for who you are and how you have touched our lives. I don't have words to express how grateful I am for this amazing world that we have all been blessed to experience, and I am constantly blown away by the incredible people who continue to come into my life... thank you so much for living your truth. Warmly, S.O.


Dear Hamid, I have wanted for days to drop you an email and tell you how very much I appreciated your work w/ me. It was so meaningful, you inspired me to new heights and old remembrances in my work. I love the devotional and reverent energy you work with. It was just what my weary soul was needing. Thanks are a gift! -C.A.


Hamid, I love your site. Thank you, L.S.


Dear Hamid, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful body/soul work we did on Tuesday. Thank you for your nurturing wise presence... I've recommended you to several of my friends. Blessings, L.K.


Hamid, I just visited your Insight of the Week Archives, and I have a big smile on my face. Thanks! -A.M.


I had a spiritual and healing experience yesterday. I went in for a massage with Hamid Shibata Bennett. I would highly recommend his work. He has created a true sanctuary feeling for his work with beautiful lighting and soothing music. And after my massage I felt totally light and rejuvenated! I just wanted to share with you his amazing practice. -T. Beckwith, Life Coach


You are one creative being!! Your site is super!! ... and once again, I got lost in your lovely poetry... There's such a gentle strength emanating from you... and I get to be around you a lot!! Good for me! Pics are absolutely perfect!! Very cleverly and artistically done ... Shows your beautiful hands well... Thanks for all the community sharing on your site... Congrats.... Love and Peace, J.P.


Dear Hamid, I wanted to extend my gratitude to you and for the healing that I have experienced with you. You are an awesome healer. Thank you so very much!!! I intend to have massage as often as I possibly can. In peace and love, C.C.

Hamid Shibata Bennett, LMT, CAMT
Advanced massage & bodywork

Earth Body Wellness Center East
3810 SE Belmont ST
Portland, Oregon 97214

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Hamid Shibata Bennett, LMT - Advanced massage therapy & bodywork in Portland, Oregon

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